Children's Nature based Book Review

Book covers

Recently with having two little ones running around at home I’ve found that my search for good books about trees and nature is constant. They are my favorite books to read with the littles. And they are my favorite books to receive, and give, as gifts. So I thought it would be fun and helpful to share with our Women’s group in case you are wanting to find similar books for your littles, or hoping to find the perfect gift! Also, please comment below what YOUR favorite tree/nature related kids’ books are! There are so many!


I Can Name 50 Trees Today by Bonnie Worth: My grandma actually bought me this book when I got hired at OSU. It’s fun for me to now be able to read it to my boys. I’d say it’s better for a little bit older kids but I love it and they’ll listen to anything so it’s one we read quite a bit.


Run Wild by David Covell: The artwork in this book is so beautiful! The message also beautiful, get outside. Simple as that. It’s upbeat and catchy tempo makes me want to read it again every time we finish this one.


Mama Loves You SoMama Loves You So by Terry Pierce: This is one of my absolute favorites right now. It’s all about how a mother’s love is similar to different aspects of nature, “stronger than the river runs, true as forests grow.” Perfect for a nature loving mama!


I have a little seedling by Cari Meister: This book is so sweet. It compares nurturing a baby tree to nurturing a baby so that they can one day flourish on their own. Love this one!


Because of an Acorn by Lola M. Schaefer: This book is really neat. It depicts the interconnectedness of a forest and the animals and species that live inside. The artwork is incredible!


Seeds and Trees by Brandon Walden: I have to say I’m not a huge fan of this one YET. I think the message, to only ‘water’ the positive seeds in your life, is a wonderful message for kids to get at a young age. But the way it’s written just doesn’t flow for me. It’s also definitely a book for a bit older kids maybe five and up or so. I’m hoping we’ll like it better once the boys are older.


Tiny Perfect Things by M.H. Clark: This is a family favorite! I love it for a lot of reasons but holy smokes… the artwork… some of these illustrations could be framed ya’ll! The message is to appreciate all the little things we see in the world, no matter where we might be in the world. My older son literally does this little gasp thing every time we turn a page he gets so excited. The last page opens up so it’s giant and has kids search for tiny little things. So cute! Big fan of this one!


A Walk in the Forest by Maria Dek: This book is a foresters dream. It talks about the beauty of the forest and all the things you can find in that beauty. I was SO excited about this one because at the end it talks about how magical the forest is at night. I hate that so many books, fairytales, movies, etc. make the woods out to be scary, especially at night. Our home is surrounded by woods, I don’t want my kids thinking that’s scary. So when I read that part I said out loud, “oh yay!” and then the next page says something about how they can also be scary. I was so bummed. But besides that the book is super cute and fun to read. I’d recommend it for sure!

Tap The Magic Tree

Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson: I love this book because it not only walks your child through the changes some species go through during the seasons but it’s interactive and my toddler loves that!

The Keeper of Wild Words by Brooke Smith: This one is for a bit older kids maybe 4 or 5 and up, I’m not sure, but whenever they have an attention span longer than a tiny toddler because it’s pretty long. I do love this one and can’t wait until my son loves it as much as I do! The reason the author wrote the book is really inspiring and the way she tells the story is beautiful. The first time I read it I almost cried. The last line sums up the feeling of the book well, “When the wild wraps around you it stays forever in your heart.” Buy it.


My list is always growing but I thought this was a fun way to pass on some of my favorites. Let me know what nature themed books you love!