Creating a Home for Wildlife

White-tailed deer Habitat. Credit: Rhiley Allbee

You love watching the animals on your land, but have you created a home for them?

Are you rolling out the welcome mat in your woods?

There are things that you can do to encourage more animals to call your land home, or at least a stopping point as they migrate through your area. The following sections give you some ideas on what you can do to create better places for animals on your land.

Deer and Elk

White-tailed Deer

Black-tailed and Mule Deer


Birds in Your Woods

Create Healthy Bird Habitat

More Activities for Bird Habitat

Using Bird Feeders

Count the Birds in Your Woods


Dead Wood

Create Snags and Cavities in Living Trees

Downed Logs

Create a Brush Pile

Aquatic Species

Fish and Other Aquatic Species

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