Greenery Arrangement: Tips and Tricks for a Hands-On Autumn Activity

DIY Greenery Arrangement

By Tiffany Hopkins, Oregon State University Coordinator of the Master Woodland Managers program

As autumn arrives and the weather grows cooler, you may find yourself wanting to bring some of your woodland indoors. An arrangement of evergreens can help you bring the forest home, and can make a festive addition to upcoming fall and winter holidays.

See Tiffany's DIY Greenery Arrangement Youtube tutorial for instructions, tips, and tricks, or read on below!

Don’t get too bogged down on “the right way,” but let your creativity flow—anything you create will be beautiful and unique!

Materials Needed:

  • Greenery gathered from your property, including evergreens and moss 
  • Loppers
  • Container
  • Floral Oasis cut to the size of your container and placed inside (Soak for a few hours before beginning arrangement—this isn’t required but is highly recommended)
  • If you’d like something that will add color, consider adding dried flowers or purchasing some from the store

The Design Process:

To cut to size, lay each piece of your foliage across the width of the container and cut them to the length you prefer. Foliage should be roughly 1-1.5 times the height or the width of the container.

Working from the outside of your container in towards the center, start adding pieces by pushing the stem into the oasis. Begin with your “heaviest” foliage to provide a framework for the lighter materials.

Mirror what you do on from one side to the other. Continue filling until you are satisfied with the result.

Consider using something like moss to cover any oasis that may be showing through gaps in foliage.