Landowner Resources

Women Landowers Receiving Help

Stewarding your woods can be daunting. Where to start? What programs exist? Who do you contact?

Thankfully, many programs and organizations exist to help you steward your woods. Below is a list of programs and organizations we recommend to assist you. Each resource contains a description, a link and, where applicable, a Women Owning Woodlands article with insight on how to utilize the resource.


American Tree Farm
A national non-profit working with families to promote stewardship and protect their woods. MyLandPlan is a great tool to help you and your family explore your woods, define your ownership goals, and achieve your desired goals.
Explore My Land Plan Tool to Protect and Enjoy Your Woods by Amanda Cooke.

Consulting Foresters
Consulting foresters are independent professionals with practical forest management experience. They can guide you in reaching your goals by meeting with you to discuss your goals, writing a forest management plan, connecting you with cost-share programs, and supervising timber harvests. Find an ACF Forester allows you to search for a consulting forester based on qualifications, education, affiliation and location.
How to: Find a Reputable Forester by Paula Randler. 

Forest Stewardship Program
A part of the US Forest Service, the Forest Stewardship Program encourages long-term stewardship of your woods. They work with partners (state forestry agencies, Natural Resource Conservation Service, university extension, consulting foresters and conservation districts) to help you identify and achieve your stewardship objectives.
Approached by a Logger? What Should You Do? By Angela Gupta.   

State Forestry Agencies
State agencies providing information on managing your woods, cost share programs, and other state-specific programs. Some states have service/district foresters who can meet with you to discuss your woods, your goals and help write a Forest Stewardship Plans. The National Association of State Foresters provides a useful link listing contact information for each state.
Incentive Programs: Steps in a Woodland Owner’s Stewardship Storyline by Amanda Mahaffey.

University Extension
State and county extension agents are dedicated to assisting you. They offer webinars, classes and workshops on a variety of topics that can assist you in managing your woods. They are also a great resource for printed and online education materials.
Incentive Programs: Steps in a Woodland Owner’s Stewardship Storyline by Amanda Mahaffey. 

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
NRCS state and local staff offer cost-share programs to help you achieve your stewardship goals. You need a Forest Stewardship Plan or forest management plan to be eligible for their cost share programs.
Tailgate Tree Party by Pam Wells.