Life + LAND

Life + LAND

by Danielle Atkins

Life + LAND is a blog all about helping ladies get a hand on their land. It features articles, landowner tid-bits, women spotlights, and other resources. This blog was created by forester Danielle Atkins, co-founder of the Georgia Forestry Commission's Ladies for their Land program. Danielle now works as an independent forestry consultant and mother.

Life  + LAND has spun off from the Ladies for their Land  program, which started in 2017 as a simple workshop for women, BY women. From there, Danielle saw a great need to provide a space that women can feel comfortable asking questions and exploring this new world of land management. Women have often taken a backseat when managing their land, but according to statistics, they will live longer than their male spouses. Just in the last couple of years, women ownership has doubled from 11% to 22%, and is expected to continue to increase as the baby boomers continue to age. That being the case it is you, the women, who will ultimately decide what to do with your family land- to pass it down to your children, manage it yourself, or sell it... Now, more than ever, women are taking ownership of land and expected to make land management and financial decisions.
This blog was created to help women find information that can help empower them to take hold of their land, whether they are now in the primary ownership position, wanting to start getting more engaged, or looking into the future to one day purchase your own little piece of property. Unlike other land management information pages - Danielle has taken many forest management topics and related them to every day life situations many women can relate to, in a humorous way. I have also taken the opportunity to show, that although it may very well still be a "man's world", there are many bad-ass women taking this field by storm and deserved to be spotlighted! I want to provide you with some basic information to know where you can start to gather more specific information locally, while empowering you to have the confidence to ask questions and know that yes... YOU can do this! 

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