In Memory of Trees by Gayla Marty

Memory of Trees book cover

Memory of Trees by Galya Marty is the story of a daughter growing up on a dairy farm in east central Minnesota. The trees around the farm made a lasting impression on the author and are an important theme throughout the book. This book was written over a series of years during which the family farm was sold to a neighboring farmer, an uncle was injured in a farm accident and Marty's father passed away. Working on the book allowed Marty to honor her father and the land.

Marty is an active member of the Minnesota Women's Woodland Network. She and her mother manage about 150 acres, half of which is wooded.

Memory of Trees is available in paperback for $18.95 and the jacketed cloth edition is $24.95 at  the University of Minnesota press.

For more about Marty Galya read "Trees provide touchstones in daughter’s story about farm" by Heidi Clausen editor of The Country Today