My Land Plan - How it can help you.

My Land Plan guides you to get more out of the land you love

My Land Plan is an online planning tool created by the American Forest Foundation to help woodland owners think about and plan for their woodland's future.

Major content areas of the tool include: Enjoy it; Protect it; Make it Health; Profit from it; and Pass it on.

This online tool can help you think about and actively manage your woodlands. It can help you map your property using Google images, store documents, connects you to resources, can create "to do" and reminder lists and can be shared with family members. It's also free and easy to use. 

There are some great introduction and tutorial videos created by My Land Plan on You Tube that may help you see the potential and fully utilization this resource. Check them out at the My Land Plan playlist

If you're unfamiliar with The American Forest Foundation (AFF) here's some basic information from their website, AFF "works on-the-ground with families, teachers and elected officials to promote stewardship and protect the values provided by our nation’s forest heritage." There are many great resource on their website in addition to My Land Plan.