New Woodlands Website from Wisconsin

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There are a lot of resources on the web for woodland owners to get answers to their questions.  This can cause some to become overwhelmed by the volume of responses they get when doing a search on a particular topic.  That is why we designed; to be a portal for information for landowners, especially those living in Wisconsin.  The site is a gateway to information on an array of topics, events, and publications.  Woodland owners can find out why their woodland is important, and hear from landowners who are active on their land.  There are a variety of workshops and conferences around Wisconsin, and we try to post information on many of them.  Our catalog of publications, in the Owning Wisconsin Woodlands section, is drawn from a number of agencies in Wisconsin and around the country, and is organized by topic.  The site also includes links to our blog series and our Facebook page.  (We are currently working on a smartphone or tablet friendly version of the site.)  Take some time to explore the site and let us know what you think.  We are always looking to improve on the experience for anyone visiting the site.


This article is a guest contribution from William Klase, University of Wisconsin Extension Natural Resources Educator.