Our Creek? We Thought We Didn't Have Any Fish!

Cement Beaver near creek

We didn't think our creek had any fish because a section goes dry every summer. But looks are deceiving. Recently scientists conducting field surveys in our area, confirmed that we do have trout. While it might not look like it, this is a Class I stream, and as such, certain rules and regulations apply. As a private landowner, I believe it is important to support the health of this creek. In addition to other factors, this means not logging directly next to it. Unfortunately, though, years ago, I made the mistake of clearing small spindly Grand firs and hemlocks within a ten-foot margin of the stream bed. I hadn't kept track of where I was, which is terrible, because one should look up, down, and around when using a power tool, but I was pushing forward with my brush saw, and I ended up right alongside the creek bed. It was at a point in the summer where the creek had gone dry. The following year, I tried planting a few incense cedars (Calocedrus) to atone for my mistake. For a year, I thought they might take, but when I walked here recently, I didn't see any sign of those cedars. So this is just a brief cautionary tale to remind us to pay attention and delight in our small streams and waterways.