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Rodent traps in tree planting

Guest post from Gary Wyatt, Agroforestry Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Extension

Have you ever noticed small holes in your lawn and you didn’t know if it was from a dog or other animal or observed the bark of your tree or shrub peeled off near the ground?  Many of these lawn and tree damage events are caused by wildlife in our environment.  To learn more about wildlife that may cause damage to your property and landscape look at the following web site:

Prevention and Control of Wildlife Handbook: http://icwdm.org/handbook/index.asp

Porcupine damage in Minnesota

Wildlife damage management is truly a diverse and complex topic.  This site offers options that will help you discover the best way to manage wildlife-human conflict for the betterment of both.

At the web site, click on SOLUTIONS, and then click on IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM.  Click on the answers to the questions.  Photos and descriptions of damage help homeowners identify the animal.  Control and prevention sites are available to determine what is best in your situation.

This web site is funded through the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture and is staffed and supported by Clemson University, Cornell University, University of Nebraska and Utah State University.

Picture Left: Porcupine damage in Minnesota. Thumbnail picture, top: Rodent traps in tree planting. Both by Eli Sagor, Forestry Extension Educator, UMN Extension