Winter Greenery Arrangements

Winter Greenery Arrangement

Originally written and shared in 2018.


Looking for a unique gift to bring to the hosts of your next holiday gathering? Or need something festive for your own table?

Look no farther than your woods!

Make a holiday greenery arrangement with the below instructions, tips, and tricks!

Remember, this is all about creativity, so don’t get too bogged down on ‘the right way.’ Anything you create will be beautiful and unique!


Materials Needed:

  • Loppers
  • Container
  • Floral Oasis cut to size of your container (Soak for a few hours before beginning arrangement—Not required but highly recommended)
  • Greenery gathered from your property
  • If you’d like something with color, consider adding some flowers from the store


The Design Process:

  • Foliage should be 1-1.5 times the height or the width of the container
    • To cut to size, lay each piece of your foliage across the width of the container and cut them to the length you prefer
  • Start adding foliage by pushing each stem into the oasis
  • Begin with your ‘heaviest’ foliage
  • Work from the outside of your container, in towards the center
  • Mirror what you do on one side to the other
  • Continue filling until you are satisfied with the end result
  • Consider using something like moss to cover any oasis that may be showing