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All woodland owners want a healthy property they can enjoy and recreate.  Join us for October's Minnesota Woodland Owner Workshop (MNWOW) series to keep your woods healthy for the future. Watch three pre-recorded videos, then hear from the featured speakers. 


Oct 8:  Videos released on YouTube to watch when works best for you.
Oct 19 6:30-7:30 Q&A with featured speakers over Zoom. 

Tim-ber! Harvesting trees as a management tool

Troy Holcomb, Forester, MN Department of Natural Resources
Timber harvesting can help landowners manage their woods to accomplish  forest health, wildlife habitat and financial goals. In this presentation, we will discuss if a timber harvest in your woods is the right choice for you. We will discuss the who, what, why, when, where and especially the how to having a timber harvest on your land.   

Constructing and maintaining trails in your woodlands

Neil Slifka, Area Resource Specialist, MN Department of Natural Resources   
Careful planning is needed when constructing trails in your woods in order to minimize problems like  erosion, ponding, and the introduction and spread of invasive species. Understanding the local topography, soils, and drainage patterns, are critical when constructing and maintaining trails. This presentation will address some of the challenges (and triumphs) involved in designing, constructing and maintaining trails in your own woodlands.

Managing for reptiles and amphibians on your land  

Misi Stine, Environmental Educator, Member of the Minnesota Herpetological Society
Minnesota is lucky to have a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians species across the state. Providing habitat and support for them making their home on your land will be an important part of conserving many of these species today, and into the future. Learn about what these species need to survive and thrive, and how you can help with citizen science.

This event is sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Forestry Association, Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network, St. John’s Outdoor University and University of Minnesota Extension.


For woodland owners who want to be stewards of their land, now and in the future.




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