Selling Your Timber: A-Z Masterclass

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This event is hosted by Land and Ladies.

November 28-29th online

We currently have our waitlist open, with enrollment expected to start the Monday of Thanksgiving week! You can see below the topics we will be covering which will allow a landowner to go through the event and leave feeling completely confident on the process and expectations for selling timber.

  • Overview of timber harvests: determining what type of harvest to execute, jargon of the sale process and terms, etc;
  • Finding the right consultant and understanding what needs to be in contracts to protect you and the forester- why this is crucial and how they may vary;
  • Gaining realistic understanding of operations on the ground: from knowing what equipment to expect, timelines of the entire process and how weather can impact the operations;
  • The financial expectations with timber sales: what goes into stumpage rates, how local markets impacts your rate, and understanding your tax obligations;
  • Why logging actually helps wildlife: what small steps operations can implement to diversify and enhance different wildlife species;
  • Best Management Practices: what they are, which ones you should be aware of depending on what you have, and how they look on the ground;
  • What problems to be aware could occur and resolution steps: we'll be covering if you have problems how the contract helps rectify the solutions or other approaches landowners can take;
  • Finally how to prepare for reforestation before the first tree is even cut; why having eyes set on the future can help ease stress and your money output when planned up front.

There will be a 7-day, no questions asked refund policy that if any attendee feels they didn't get their money's worth or they still have no idea how to proceed to sell their timber they will receive 100% of their investment back within 7 days of the class completion. 

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