Minnesota Women's Woodland Network

Event Date
MNWWN at Cloquet Forestry Center


The Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network (MNWWN) is excited to announce a trial partnership with the Minnesota Forestry Association (MFA). This partnership will help the MNWWN reach its goals to provide networking opportunities and support for women landowners.  Additional benefits for MNWWN include: 


Network growth and outreach ability increased

Membership value enhanced

New event and network activities

Landowner education opportunities

Legislative support through MFA’s active lobby efforts

Any many more!  Stay tuned!



PLEASE join other woodland women at MFA’s annual meeting to celebrate the official announcement of our partnership and to enjoy women-focused woodland events.


Date:                    October 4 and/or October 5

Location:             Cloquet Forestry Center, Cloquet, Minnesota

Register:              Click this link, event registration, for more details and to register.


Lots of fun MNWWN learning and networking activities are planned: Friday night bonfire, Saturday lunch, Saturday afternoon panel discussion and many opportunities to meet other women landowners and connect with woodland resources. In addition, MFA is hosting the Friday evening dinner, local tours and a variety of speakers. Hope to see you there!