Women's Chainsaw Safety Course-Maine

Event Date
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This event has been postponed to June 27-28, 2020.

Register today! Participation is limited to 15 students.

Location: McDougal Orchards, Springvale, Maine.
Cost: $150 (scholarships available from Women of the Maine Outdoors). Lodging and meals not included.
Food: Please bring all the food and water you will need.
Lodging: On your own.

FMI: https://foreststewardsguild.org/event/womens-chainsaw-safety-course/

This two-day chainsaw safety course is designed for women. Most participants will have little or no experience with a chainsaw, though this course is also an effective refresher for more experienced individuals who have developed some bad habits with a saw. This is the gateway course to learning more advanced practices.

The focus of this course is overwhelmingly on safety: safe posture, safe practices, safe clothing, safe habits. The first session will be mostly indoors as the leaders provide some basic information about chainsaws, maintenance, and safety clothing, introduce participants to good practices, and provide relevant background material. Attendees will have time in the afternoon to visit a local saw shop to obtain any safety equipment they may need. The second day (8:00-4:00) is intended to be a full day of practice and application.

Through these workshops, we aim to create a women-focused learning environment that empowers women to steward your land. All who self-identify as female are welcome.

Registered participants will receive a letter with more detail on personal protective equipment needed and what to expect at the workshop.