Buckthorn management: Where to start?!

Looking for buckthorn after management and removal.

Buckthorn is the bane of many woodland owners. It turns out that buckthorn is starting to appear on the radar of soybean farmers as well (see post titled “What do buckthorn and soybean have in common?” for details).

Where to start? Many woodland owners, and now farmers, look into their woodlots and, once they learn what to look for, find buckthorn everywhere. That pretty green in early spring and last flush of green in late autumn takes on the hue of trouble and challenge. To help farmers (and anyone else managing buckthorn or other invasive plants) we put the tools and approaches from our WHERE DO I START?! Prioritizing Invasive Plant Control publication into video format. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by buckthorn and need some fresh ideas, check it out. If you haven’t started managing invasive plants but would like to, this video’s for you. If you’re an old pro at buckthorn management but want new resource so share with your friends and neighbors (because really, shouldn’t everyone know more about buckthorn?), pass this along.

For this project, we worked very hard to make sure our resources would work for farmers, so we asked for, and got, farmer feedback before and during production. It’s fascinating to see farmers’ knowledge and passion come out in this farmer narrated video. Enjoy:

For more information and to read our new factsheet check out our website: http://www.myminnesotawoods.umn.edu/buckthorn-soybean-aphids/