Financial Assistance Programs

Programs in the Farm Bill like the Environmental Quality Incentives Program can help improve forest health.

As a landowner, you have hopes and dreams for your woods. Whether you’d like to create more wildlife habitat, thin your forest or restore it following a natural disaster, your dreams require the right resources to come true.

Financial assistance programs, often times called cost share programs, can help make these dreams more attainable and affordable by providing the financial support and technical know-how you need. Some of the most helpful programs come from a surprising source: the USDA Farm Bill.

But isn’t the Farm Bill for farmers?

The Farm Bill supports everything from nutrition programs to subsidies for crops. It also offers help to landowners of all kinds. If your goals include conserving and protecting the land, you can benefit from a variety of Farm Bill programs.

This section will help you find the right cost share program for your goals. You’ll also learn:

These programs aren’t handouts—they’re a helping hand for forest owners who want to do right by their land. They reflect an acknowledgement that when landowners' efforts to improve their land benefit the entire communities. These resources can help you keep your woods healthy and beautiful and realize your dreams for making improvements on the land.

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