Puget Sound Forest Owners Field Day

Event Date
Presentation at Puget Sound Forest Owners Field Day

Where: Claremont Forest – at the intersection of 396th Dr SE and SE 53rd St, Snoqualmie, WA 

$25 per individual | $35 per couple | Student and Master Gardner discounts available

By the registration area will be several vendor exhibits where you can browse and network with forestry professionals in the morning and during the lunch hour. The workshop stations are located in the woods, about a 5-10 minute walk from the registration and exhibit area. Access the stations is via well-maintained forest roads with moderate inclines. There will be six workshop sessions (three before lunch and three after). For each session period, you will get to pick from the workshops offered for that session time. A schedule showing what workshops are offered at what times (and the station locations) will be provided when you arrive. The sessions will run one hour, followed by 10 minutes to walk to your next station.

For more information: http://forestry.wsu.edu/nps/events/fieldday/ or call 206-263-1128 for details